Getting the name of a company out to the public is important. In addition to tradition methods of marketing such as print and media, it is important that companies also utilize marketing through products that contain the business logo or name. This can be as simple as pens and pencils with the company name and phone number or can be extravagant and expensive gifts that are given away to top clients and VIP's. One item that is popular, inexpensive and gets great visibility would be lanyards.

Depending on the company, many businesses require their employees to carry name badges or some sort of identification. For a professional look, these should all be displayed or attached to clothing all in the same fashion. Having employees all use the same style of lanyard with the company name is the best idea. This way, there is consistency among all staff and the name is being displayed for further advertising.

For companies that are in high risk areas such as prison, juvenile detention centers, and schools having lanyards that easily break apart when pulled is important. This reduces the chance of a violent person harming the employee wearing the lanyard.

Purchasing these items is quite easy and can be done over the internet. A great supplier is Custom lanyards. They are the largest supplier and offer the fastest delivery time in the industry. Rather than trying to shop around and comparison shop, it is easiest to simply go to one place. Online, there are listing of all of the different styles, colors, and options. Ordering is quick and quite easy. In a few simple steps, all of the specifics and options can be added. Custom logos and designs can be added as well.

Whether it is for giveaways at a convention, for employees who must wear and display an ID badge, or an item that is sold to customers, having custom lanyards for the company is a great advertising tool.